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Reimagining the Future of Teaching

Motivational & Innovative

  • Creating Safe Spaces for Collaborative Learning and Student Engagement

    • I will show teachers how to create a classroom community to get maximum student engagement. Teachers will learn different strategies, techniques, and tips to reimagine education and increase student participation. This professional development is applicable to all grade levels.

Business Team


  • The acronym DISC stands for the letters: D (Dominant), I (Interactive), S (Supportive), and C (Conscientious).

  • Time to Take Flight

    • Eagle​ (I got this!)

    • Parrot (We can do it!)

    • Dove (Let's help each other!)

    • Owl (Be smart about it!)

  • Style

    • Adapted style

    • Natural style

  • What are your...

    • Strengths/Challenges​

    • Characteristics 

    • Tendencies

    • Most effective environment which includes

    • Ways to be more effective

Business People Applauding


  • Key behavior insights

    • Emotional Characteristics

    • Goals

    • How others are valued

    • Motivators

    • Needs

    • Communication

    • Typical behaviors in conflict

    • Ways to build rapport

    • In social settings, learning settings

    • Work Tendencies

    • The Power of Acceptance

  • Summary

    • Your strengths

    • Your potential development areas

    • Flight Plan

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