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Student-Athlete Enrichment

Overcome Adversity:
This captivating keynote presentation tells the story of how Antwon Harris grew up less fortunate, became a first-generation college graduate,  author, professional speaker and CEO of his own company. This transformational message will breakdown the tools needed for college students.

Be Resilient:
Many college students have trouble recovering from academic and personal setbacks.  This keynote presentation teaches students patience, mental toughness and ways to become more resilient in the event they face obstacles, challenges and the disappointment of not achieving their goal.

College Student Success Strategy:
Many first year and first generation students don’t understand the process to achieve the success they desire in college and life.  This keynote presentation will inspire, empower and enable your students to move from a set goal to achievement.

Finding Your Purpose:
Students may view their life as worthless if they have not defined their purpose. Students need to feel like their life has value and meaning. Antwon's keynote presentation will inspire and teach college students how to identify their gifts and discover their purpose.

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