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Reimagining the Future of Students

Committed to "LEAD" students (Lead, Educate, Access, Develop)

Self-equity- In this program we will dig into the areas of mindfulness, perseverance, emotional management, self motivation, self-care, gratitude, resilience, and reflection. All of these areas work together to create our self-equity. Self-equity is understanding yourself by solving your problems using your own thoughts, ideas, creativity, experiences, knowledge, and self control. Through several exercises in each of the areas mentioned, students will be able to grow their self-equity and become more well rounded and balanced individuals. 




  • The acronym DISC stands for the letters: D (Dominant), I (Interactive), S (Supportive), and C (Conscientious).

  • Which Bird(s) are you?

    • Eagle​ (I got this!)

    • Parrot (We can do it!)

    • Dove (Let's help each other!)

    • Owl (Be smart about it!)

  • What are your...

    • Strengths/Challenges​

    • Do/Don't

    • Superpower

    • Tendencies, Desires, Ways to be more effective

Image by Tim Mossholder


  • It helps students with

    • Action Plan

    • Earn good grades

    • Learn amazing things

    • Overcome challenges at school and home

    • Become aware on how to help their team and community

  • Helps students with

    • Relationship with self​

    • Relationship with family​

    • Relationship with friends​

    • Relationship with teachers​

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